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The JobSquad Difference: What We Deliver

Employee services is not a zero-sum game. Full employment does not ensure maximum production and the defining characteristic of an employee should never simply be a heartbeat or drawing a breath.

There is no more important, more valuable resource than employees who ultimately determine your success and failure as a business.

JobSquad's 4M System will decrease the time you invest in employee service concerns and increase the productivity in your business.

JobSquad Staffing Solutions


  • Track and manage employees 


  • Continuously improve employee performance

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  • Implement performance-driven metrics for:

    • Production

    • Process


  • Improve profitability

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JobSquad has done everything we asked for –  from special testing to having the applicant fill out our own application. We use them for all of our temp to hire needs. We have hired on over ten JobSquad applicants in the last year and a half.

- Satisfied Employer

JobSquad helped us start an entirely new third shift by finding and screening over 25 skilled welders, fabricators, powder coaters, and assemblers. They got this done over a very long four-day period. I will be using them for all future openings.

Jeff F., Human Resources, Elyria