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Employers across the United States are looking for people they can count on – people like you. We’re consistently placing qualified candidates in light industrial jobs, welding jobs, factory jobs, and many other great career paths. If you are reliable, honest and hard-working, JobSquad Staffing Solutions can put you to work. Opportunities to use your skills, earn income and build your future start here.

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Your Next Great Job Is Waiting For You- Jobs Like:

  • Material handlers

  • Plastic press operators

  • Warehouse workers

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Welders

  • Assemblers

  • Quality control liaisons

  • Fabricators

  • Foundry workers

  • General laborers

  • CNC operators

  • Mill machine operators

  • Factory supervisors

  • Printshop workers

  • Clerical

  • Call center

  • Data entry

  • Salespersons​

  • and many more!

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  • Search our jobs, apply online or send us your resume

  • Start with a phone screen – we’ll get to know each other

  • Come in for an interview to see which jobs may fit you best

  • Complete any screening or testing required by our clients

  • Get started on the job if we make a match



Why work for JobSquad Staffing Solutions?

When you join the JobSquad family, you get access to great jobs, top employers and benefits to give you peace of mind. We treat you like a person, not a number in a database.


  • One quick and easy application process either online or in-person 

  • Online access to pay stubs and employee information

  • Insurance starts day one

  • Most jobs start within days


Most importantly, you get options and income. Choose the jobs that suit your lifestyle – get your foot in the door at a target company or a short-term job to earn some extra cash.



Thank you to JobSquad for finding my dream job! 

- Tom, Ohio

JobSquad is truthfully a better staffing service and saved us on our bill rate, as well. 

- Happy Parma Employer